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If you live in the UK (or have some far reaching magazine subscriptions) keep an eye out for Issue #43 of Ocean Paddler Magazine. Lendal makes an appearance in a photo accompanying an article written by kayaking instructor Rob Mercer. Rob's been selling Lendal paddles over at Expedition Kayaks in New South Wales for years now, so if you live down under be sure to check them out!

Lendal Storm Receives Accolades From Adventure Kayak

In this season's issue of Adventure Kayak magazine, the Storm paddle was featured in their Checkout section as the premier choice for long distance paddling. The snipet praising our start of the art Storm blade has been included below. For the full list of best-choice items for your long kayak voyages, pick up a copy of the 2014 summer edition of Adventure Kayak.

Marshall Seddon Takes Bronze at Blackburn Challenge with Lendal

Marshall Seddon, proud member of Lendal's Wrecking Crew and owner of The River Connection, took bronze at this year's Blackburn Challenge. Weilding his trusty 215 cm Storm, Marshall placed one spot higher than last year's excellent showing in the Men's Singles Sea Kayak event. Completing the 19.86 miles in just 3 hours, 24 minutes, and 7 seconds Mr. Seddon has certainly earned a long rest and a hearty congratulations from the entire Lendal staff!

Ryan Rushton Joins Lendal As Our Newest Pro Paddler

Lendal Paddles is proud to announce the newest member of our ‘wrecking crew’ – Ryan Rushton of Geneva Kayak. He joins a team of product testers and ambassadors who represent some of the most dynamic and demanding paddling talent in the world.

Seddon Wins OkoumeFest Ultra Marathon with Lendal

On the 19th of May, Marshall Seddon, aka SeaDawg, won the 2014 Maryland WaterTribe OkoumeFest Ultra Marathon! With his trusty Lendal Storm and Cadence blades, he completed the ~64 mile (~103 km) course in just over 17 hours. We're exceptionally proud of Seadawg, and are honored to have him rowing Lendal!

You can read more about SeaDawg's accomplishment and congratulate him on his blog:

Keel Strippin!

Adding a keel strip is a way to lengthen the life of your fiberglass kayak. It reinforces the hull in the area most likely to wear down, particularly if you launch on rocky beaches or play in rock gardens. For those living in the Greater Puget Sound area, Rhonda Schwab and Kayakers Go Coastal is the place for kayak repair or to have a keel strip installed. Rhonda is a Pro. If however you do not have access to Rhonda, I suggest this “easy 26 step process” designed for first timers, just in case you want to try it at home.

Performance tuning a new boat.


Performance tuning a new boat.

Wax On Wax Off..

For a rolling coach it is sort of an unwarranted ego boost to have a talented student achieve instant success. The true test of an instructor is to work with a student who requires them to diagnose and sometimes hand craft specific drills to respond to their unique needs. When they master the skill it is a win for both coach and student.

Rolling Philosophy


Some ask why I teach a static brace even if my victim… I mean student, uses a Euro blade.

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