Accessories & Parts

Paddlok Key


Used to tighten and loosen the Paddlok System, thus enabling one to take apart the paddle or to tighten up a loose connection.  Make sure to always have one or even a couple on hand.  Secure one to your PFD.

Paddlok Button (Replacement Part) (2-pack)


This is a pack of two (2) replacement Paddlok buttons.  It is always a good idea to have spare parts on your boat.

Our patented Paddlok system gives our two and four piece paddles the feel and security of a one piece paddle.  You can quickly and easily lock our shafts and blades together or take them apart thanks to the Paddlok system.

Drip Rings


Set of 2 rings.  Place them near the blades and they will help keep the water from running down the shaft and onto your hands.

These will fit most brands of paddles and sizes of shafts. Buy them for all your paddles.



Paddle Bag for Four Piece Paddle Systems


If you take your four piece paddle on trips or if you just want to protect your paddle investment, you will want to have a Lendal four piece paddle bag.  Made out of durable ballistic nylon this bag has it all.  Compartments for each blade and each shaft piece.  Holds two to three paddle systems. Has plenty of storage pockets for your gloves and small paddling accessories.

Bag is 9"h x 27-1/2"l x 4"w

Paddlok Replacement Tool


Lendal has come up with the perfect tool to help remove a broken Paddlok button.

Slide the tool behind the button and turn so the hook is in back of the button.  Slowly pull forward, sliding the button out of the shaft.  With a large rubber coated T-handle the replacement is easy and painless.

Paddle Leash


Never have your paddle drift away from your boat again.  Affix the Lendal Paddle Leash to your kayak deck rigging with this lightweight 48” long, non-absorbent nylon cord.  The simple and efficient leash has a non-slip bungee loop and bright orange float on one end to attach to the paddle and a quick-release flat adjustable strap on the other for attaching to your boat.

Paddlok Kit


Contains 4 replacement Paddlok buttons as well as a Paddlok Replacement Tool and a Paddlok Key. All conveniently packed in a plastic storage case.

A must have for every expedition, every shop should have one.

Large Lendal Sticker


Decorate your boat, car or computer. You name it! (3"h X 10"l)